Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream 100 Gm


Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream 100 Gm

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  • Packed with natural Anti Bacterial like zinc & silver extracts embedded in Kaolin clay.
  • Has mild Whitening and bleaching effect which helps keep the applied area clean and dry.
  • Not a Perfume! Fights body odour for 6-8 hours even with a light application. Absorbs & Controls Sweat effectively. The fragrance won’t last too long however it will keep you odour free.
  • Beneficial for common & mild skin related problems. Keeping clothes from staining due to sweat.
  • Can be used in Genital areas, neck and between toes. Can treat mild fungus and rashes.
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India experiences heat nine months a year and due to that, we sweat more compared to people living in colder regions.

◉ Keeping these in mind we have formulated this unique blend of a deodorant cream which contains Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint essential oil infused with Real Silver.

◉ This formula is made by taking an extra rich cream base, adding zinc & silver extracts embedded in Kaolin clay and mixing them with essential oils of Lemon, Cypress & Japanese Mint.

◉ Clay absorbs dirt and Silver Ions rips off the outer membrane of microbes giving freshness for long hours.

◉ Cypress works to neutralize body odors while Lemon helps absorb wetness.

◉ Underarm care is one of our most important daily routines and using our health-conscious formula will complement to your natural lifestyle.

◉ This formula contains the benefits of Lemon, Cypress, and Japanese Mint essential oil which has the benefits that may cure skin itching, treats sunburns, absorbs sweat and is a natural deodorant.

◉ Even a light application gives six hours of deodorization.

How to use

Take a small amount of deodorant cream on your finger and massage it onto your armpit, neck, genital areas and other desired areas excluding face until completely absorbed. Reapply as needed throughout the day.


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